ECOM Enablement Services

This service includes the setup and implementation of the E-Commerce platform on the domain as chosen by the client. We use our highly robust and scalable Optimus ECOM platform to set up the E-Commerce website. Optimus is a proven product and has multiple implementations across the industry. Some of the features include product management, catalogue management, order management, customer enquiries/ feedback and data set up masters.

ECOM Operations

For an E-Commerce venture to be successful, we believe that regular updates and management of the website is essential along with prompt order processing and customer satisfaction. Under this service, we assign a dedicated operations manager for our client. This manager would be responsible for the regular updates of the website with respect to adding new products, categories, catalogues and product prices as well processing orders and ensuring the logistics co-ordination for pickup and delivery.

ECOM Customer Engagement Services

To ensure that you retain your customers and acquire new customers, we think that you need to engage effectively with your customer. Our ECOM Customer Engagement Services include interacting with your customers and ensuring that all their concerns are answered. Our customer support team will revert to all enquires, complaints and feedback.

ECOM Digital Marketing

Once the brand is all set with its ecommerce website, next important task is to market the brand digitally and socially to expand the exposure. Under this service, we set up the social media presence of the brand and take the in charge of growing brand's awareness. We do it by running online campaigns, organizing contests, designing interactive banners and posts for the brands

ECOM Marketplace Management

Most brands have a presence on multiple marketplaces. Our marketplace management services involve having a dedicated operations team which will engage, co-ordinate and manage brand presence across multiple marketplaces. Our team will draft agreements and negotiate on margins on behalf of our clients along with cataloguing of products and inventory management.

We have simplified our online business process with support from the Optimus team.
Their team is professional and all commitments made were delivered within
the specified timelines. With the level of business understanding displayed
by Optimus team, we consider them as an extended team of Zodiac

Geronimo Almedia Marketing Manager - Zodiac

We were looking for a technology partner who will understand our business needs and define an appropriate technology solution.
TSD mapped our business processes and developed a technology solution that not only meets our
current business needs but will also adapt and scale along with the business

Subodh Pethe (CEO - Waman Hari Pethe Sons)

About Us

A company that launched the ecommerce technology platform "Optimus", in 2007 when internet was more a medium of communication and ecommerce was not the buzzword it is today. 22 success stories and a committed team over this period have only confirmed our passionate belief that the power of e-commerce will change the way brands do business. Ecommerce did challenge the basic tenets of brand identity and customer engagement. For the consumer, it has changed the very concept of shopping and is now a preferred medium of interaction with their favorite brands. Our journey of over 7 years as a company, has given us valuable insights into the "behind-the-scenes" effort that go into making ecommerce a success story. We more than agree with our customers when they tell us, technology is not enough for being an effective e-commerce player, and that the right processes and people are as critical a component. For us Ecommerce is about branding, creating a unique store experience for customers, customer retention and multichannel marketing. Our services are all about this - Enabling ecommerce, doing what it takes to make these happen. We address all aspects of ecommerce business: Technology, Operations, Digital Marketing and Customer Care. So here we are now, building, managing and promoting your ecommerce business. What does it take to engage with us? Nothing... Yes, businesses can engage with us without any upfront financial investment. We are flexible enough to work with you on various models, including one in which you pay us only if you make money. How much more simple can it get... Well, this is indeed Ecommerce Simplified!




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